Jumat, 03 Juli 2009


(image above is done by me)

There are lots owner with interesting and good site content but it all means nothing without traffic of visitors to that websites. Visitors usually search some keyword to search engine. After that, search engine will display hundreds, thousands even millions of sites related to that keyword. Sites on the first page have a great opportunity to get a great numbers of visitors. Great number of visitors will bring positive impacts to the website because it helps owner to expand name or brand and also get revenue from advertisers. Websites with high traffic is always sought by advertisers.

How to promote your websites? Many ways that can be learned and used for this purpose. Link exchange with other site is one way to promote your website, but it’s not effective. Currently the most widely used is web directory services. Examples for free web directory are: DMOZ, Yahoo directory, jasmine directory and max directory. In the web directory, websites divided into several categories such as: Art and Humanities, Business, Computers & Technology, Health, Home, Shopping, Science and others categories.

Sign up on the web directory will help you get more traffic to your sites. After registering, then you adjust the content of the site with a given category. However, it does not mean web directory handle all about your visitor traffic. Keep update and design your website to attract more visitors. Some websites has a loyal visitor because the websites keep the good content and attractive design. Old visitors became loyal and new visitors became routine visitors. This way will keep your high traffic visitors.

I also use web directory and I think that only helps me to increase visitor traffic to the site. First time visitors will come again if they get good service (content and website design). But if the content of the website does not look good enough and less interesting it will become a bad campaign.

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