Minggu, 26 April 2009


First create a blog; I want a specific theme that is unique. There are several ideas and themes in my mind. To find out a unique theme, I do check through the search engine to find out the number of blogs that have discussed the themes. I started searching for some keywords that relate closely to the themes that I think about. Searching result in the search engine shows that the theme has been very much discussed by various sites. Finally, I choose the theme of the blog on my own art works.

After blogging for a month, I get a lot of blogger friends who discuss the various themes on the blog. However, most of the information I get on my friends blogs is talk about SEO (search engine optimation). First I don’t care with SEO. I eventually became curious and tried to find out about SEO after find more and more blogs about SEO.
SEO is tips that are used to improve the ranking and posting of the blog in search engine. This is very useful for bloggers who want to make money blogging, why? The more popular blogs have the big opportunity to obtain money through the advertisers on blog.
Site with the highest ranking on a keyword will be placed on a front page of search engine. Thus, the site has a great opportunity to get more visitors. For example, music mp3 download keyword has a 100.000.000 searching result on search engine. Imagine if 50 percent of the total visitor is visiting our blog. Just one word: waowwwww.
The information I get is that the money through a blog is very challenging, why? Because we are required to further popularize blog with our own creative and smart ways to choose the keywords and posting links in diligent reproduce.
Don’t be afraid to try this one.

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