Kamis, 30 April 2009


Blogging is my first experience to manage my own site. The main theme of my first blog is music. I posts all about artist, awards, gossip and many thing about music. Out of music theme, I have a dream to create website that informed all about graphic design.

My experience to manage blog makes me challenge my self to create my own domain. Creating new domain is not the same with creating new blog, so I must learning more about that. I starting with learning the basic of web hosting.

After learning the basic of web hosting, I move to the next step: choosing web hosts. To choose web hosts, there are many thing that I should know and consider. Because this is my first experience to create domain, I decide to using the low price domain but served unlimited disc space and data transfer. Find the web hosts that match with my categorize is not easy work. So I must search the most recommended web hosts.

I search the top 10 recommended site. I compare all the recommended web hosts pursuant to price, disc space and data transfer. According to the site recommendation, I finally found the best web hosts and starting to create my web site.

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