Selasa, 03 November 2009


all work for image above is done by me

and share about ideas, the latest topics and a lot of interesting things in our social life is a very interesting activity. However, time and distance can be limit, so the interaction becomes difficult to do. Fortunately the internet development is very helpful for our social interaction so that no constraints of time and distance in the social interaction.

I am very pleased to write ideas about various topics in a blog. I finally found free blog where I can sign up very easily but get a very satisfactory service. In this free blog, everything becomes interesting when it is gets a response from various parties. The response from readers will allow for interaction between us, so we can formed a kind of community where I can discuss matters of interest with people from various countries which would be more open my mind. I can also include images and videos to make my blog more interesting.
Conversely, I also can provide feedback on the topic, images and videos that are shared by other friends. Such interactions allow effective interactions about ideas and information. Time and distance is not become a barrier again to get effective social interaction between people with different backgrounds from various countries in the world.

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