Kamis, 17 Juni 2010


Modern lifestyle require efficiency off many thing in our life, especially time. Time efficiency in work was the important thing that prosecuted. Any problem that happen in our working time created working as activity with various dynamics that potentially make someone stressed and also can cause personality problem that finally decrease work rate. Human not a robot so rest time always available in our work time. Little rest time in the middle of work time was a best moment to refresh and recharge to get our power back. Break time for lunch was a important moment where we can relax and forget all about work problem for a moment. But sometimes lunch time become a boring moment. Waiting for the food to served mainly in restaurant is the moment where many people become very boring even lost appetite. To avoid this problem, dish business required number of attractions to make their customer fell comfort and totally out of all their work problem.
Serve high quality television channel is one of the attractions solutions for restaurant customers. Movie and sports programming was a most popular television program. Serving best television program in restaurant or other business could increase business. Costumer get double satisfaction from business served. Double satisfaction costumer can get from Restaurant serve restaurant menu, and restaurant waiting time menu (best television program). Restaurant owners can obtain services from Direct TV business or business cable service to support their service improvement in the dish business. Restaurant that served best television channel and also served high quality menu was my priority to visit and enjoy my lunch time.

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