Jumat, 24 April 2015



Di satu sisi dunia, orang-orang memaki mengutuk matahari, di sisi dunia yang lain, orang merayakan munculnya matahari.
Di satu sisi dunia, orang mengadakan ritual-ritual menolak hujan, di sisi dunia yang lain, orang mengadakan ritual-ritual mengundang datangnya hujan.
Di satu sisi dunia, orang menciptakan alat untuk menyingkirkan tumpukan salju, di sisi dunia yang lain orang menciptakan alat pembuat salju.

Matahari tetap bersinar meskipun ada yang mengutuk kehadirannya, hujan tetap datang meskipun banyak yang menolaknya, salju tetap turun meskipun banyak yang menyingkirkannya. Cahaya matahari tidak berusaha menjadi hujan atau salju hanya agar para pengutuknya senang dan kemudian memujanya. Di balik penolakan selalu ada penerimaan dan juga kebutuhan. Matahari tidak perlu berhenti bersinar, hujan dan salju tidak perlu berhenti untuk turun karena sejak dahulu kala mereka sudah tahu tujuan kehadirannya di bumi. 

"Hey! you....no matter what, keep on shining"



by: Paulo Coelho

Those who think that the mountains don’t change are wrong: they were born out of earthquakes, are eroded by wind and rain, and each day they are slightly different, even though we do not notice that change.
The mountains change and are pleased: ‘It’s good not to be the same all the time,’ they say to each other.
Those who think the trees don’t change are wrong.
They have to accept that they will be bare in winter and clothed in summer.
And they reach beyond the place where they were planted, because the birds and the wind scatter their seeds.
The trees are glad. ‘I thought I was just one tree and now I see that I am many,’ they say to their children springing up around them.
One question persists as we take our first steps along the path: ‘Will my decision to change make other people suffer?’
But if you love someone, then you want your beloved to be happy. You might feel frightened for him initially, but that feeling soon gives way to pride at seeing him doing what he wants to do and going where he always dreamed of going. 
Source: paulocoelhoblog.com/2015/04/24/change


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