Minggu, 03 Mei 2009


I am a student. My campus is very far away from my home, even different islands. April to May is a holiday months in our college. I always use this moment to go home and gather with the family. I have to travel for about 2 days. It takes about 8 minutes to ride the bus. Then the plane one hour and then 8 hours bus ride. I travel a very long and tiring.

Every time I want to go home, I always get the problems to packing the goods. I always carry a few items, but return from home with the many item. I confused whether to buy luggage, bag, or backpack. I need more detail info about the luggage, bag and backpack. I need to consider the size, weight and comfort of use. Therefore I search through the internet and try to find all the information and the price and if possible I want to buy it directly from the site .
Various sites provide information about that goods, but information is sketchy and I am not feel enough. Finally I found a site that discusses luggage, bag and backpack very detail. Finally I found the information and choose to use backpack to carry my things.
Not only about traveling bag, information about anything and everything for sale is available here. If we can find all information in one site, there's not to look for more in the other sites?

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  1. nice and good information in here, is my first time visit here, im glad to read in ur blog, i hope u can visit me too and we make a friends in blogosphere, alright ma man.....coyy

  2. hai hai mampir & salam kenal... jadi, kampus dikau dimana,hometown dikau dimana?

  3. @quinie: kampus di jawa tengah rumah di Toraja...jauh kan...^^