Rabu, 13 Januari 2010


(all work for image above is done by me)

Football is a sport that has expanding rapidly since English introduced modern football for the first time. Now football has become the most popular sport under the sun and as the most popular sports, football has the fans from all social status and age. The number of football fans who later became the reason of football became an industry capable to yield millions pounds.

Sponsorship, merchandising, sales of broadcast rights is a source of income for clubs that figure could reach millions pounds. Fans of football club, national football team or football star players at any place in the world, easily can be recognized from the accessories that are used.

Football is also the main attraction at the betting stock. Numerous numbers of gamblers caused to pop out the Bookmakers to opened betting on the world major leagues match such as: English premier league, Spanish La Liga, and the Italian Serie A. To update the results of the game, gamblers do not have to watch the
live match , or wait for the results reported in the newspaper or television the next day. Livescore can easily update via the internet so that the fans or the gamblers can keep track of the score throughout the game minute by minute.

In addition to the score, the smallest details of football were never separated from the fans attention. Football fans in the entire world are always waiting for news about the football development both within and outside the field. Transfer players, injury list, coach commutation, the leadership of the referee, and rioting football supporter is a dynamic that is always exciting for the fans.
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