Kamis, 11 Februari 2010


pending time with family is an important moment to do. We can maintain household harmony with create a precious time with family, even it just 5 minute. Unfortunately the work often becomes a barrier to spend more time with family and sit with family and create a steady plan. Everybody knows, activity without good planning can make the activities with the family becomes very messy, which was not at all the goal.

Brief conversation with the entire family had finally decided our main plan and a job list. The first task I had to do was to get Jeff Dunham tickets, Apollo theater tickets, and Hollywood Bowl tickets. An easy task but it becomes difficult because I will prioritizing my office work. The solution finally came when a colleague gives professional online ticket broker. Not inconceivable, to order Jeff Dunham tickets, Apollo theater tickets, and Hollywood Bowl tickets by simply moving a finger. We are able to negotiate the prices on many tickets and they will try to fill our needs based on budget. By using a credit card and just move my fingers, I get that ticket and
securing seats for my family.

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